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    Welcome! PRS is committed to positive relationships among parents, schools and communities to support the development of the whole child. The PRS assists families with questions and planning as well as provides resources and training.                               

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    Transition University

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    https://www.lcps.org/cms/lib/VA01000195/Centricity/Domain/97/Transition University 2021.pdf


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  • Becoming An Effective Communication Partner for Students Learning Language Using Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC)

  • Behavior Toolbox - Schoology Course

    The Behavior Toolbox features helpful videos and how-to documents on some of the most common topics related to behavior. Modules include topics such as reinforcement, what it is and how to use it, and setting up the environment for optimal learning outcomes. The modules are designed so busy parents can gain more information on a subject that interests them. They are also meant to be revisited as many times as needed. When utilized in collaboration with teachers and school administrators, these learning modules will better equip parents and caregivers in supporting their learners to become the best that they can be!

    How to join a new course on Schoology:

    1. Log in to your ParentVue account.

    2. Scroll down the menu on the left hand side until you see “Schoology.”

    3. Select “Schoology.”

    4. A second screen will appear, select “Schoology for Parent/Guardians.”

    5. Schoology will open up automatically.

    6. Change from the student’s name to your name by clicking on the student’s name on the right hand side of the screen.

    7. Select “Courses” at the top of the screen.

    8. Select “My Courses” on the far right-hand side of the screen.

    9. Select “Join a course” on the far right-hand side of the screen.”

    10. A box will appear in the center of the screen. Type in this course code: ZRM2-PM5M-FZPWG

    11. You will only need to join a course once. Once you join it will automatically show up in your courses when you open the Schoology home page.

    • Instructions with Screen Shots
    • Course Code:  ZRM2-PM5M-FZWG

  • Diploma Options

  • High School Connection

  • Kindergarten Connection

  • Mandt for Families, Part 1

  • Mandt for Families, Part 2

  • The Neurological Loop of Reading: The Why Behind Specialized Reading Practices

  • Setting Expectations and Following Schedules

  • Social Competence

  • Tips for Transitioning Back to School for Families and Caregivers

  • Understanding Dyslexia: A Helpful Guide for Parents

  • What is Child Find?

  • What is Reinforcement?

  • What's the Deal with Prompting?

  • When the Bus Stops Coming

  • Where Can I Find Resources to Help My Child Learn Using Technology?

  • March Meeting - Transition Planning for College Bound Students

  • February Meeting - Executive Functioning and Hidden Disabilities

  • January Meeting - School Anxiety, Dr. John Dalton

  • December Meeting - Secondary Transition, Marianne Moore and Carin Phipps

  • November Meeting - Trauma and COVID-19, Dr. Kelly Henderson

  • October Meeting - Supporting Your Special Needs Students During COVID-19, Hank Millward

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  • Pupil Services Communique - 
    April 2021
    Policy 5345:  Restraint and Seclusion
    Regulation 5345:  Restraint and Seclusion