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    Online Pre-registration
    Online Pre-registration

    Online Pre-registration may be used in place of paper registration forms. Parents and legal guardians must still provide supporting documentation at a face to face meeting at the zoned school. Check the school attendance boundaries with LABEL to determine your zoned school based on your home address.

    Important! If you have more than one new or returning student to pre-register with LCPS, you must complete pre-registration information for all your students prior to clicking on Submit. Once you have submitted the online pre-registration, contact the school to schedule an appointment to complete the registration process. If you have questions about the process, please review the Online Pre-registration FAQs or the LCPS Registration website.

    The process to create/activate an account to pre-register a new or returning student depends on the parent/legal guardian ParentVUE account status with LCPS.

    Parent of a Current LCPS Student

    With an active ParentVUE account:

    Without an active ParentVUE account:

    Parent of Past LCPS Students Registering New or Returning Students

    If any of your children have attended LCPS in the past, you must follow these steps:

    • Determine your zoned school based on your home address and the LABEL website.
    • Contact your zoned school to request a ParentVUE Activation Key letter.
    • Follow the steps in the ParentVUE - Getting Started guide to activate your account. Since you do not have an active LCPS student, the Online Pre-registration site at https://register.lcps.org will open once you complete the account activation.
    • Follow the steps in the Online Pre-registration – Getting Started guide (skip the Create My ParentVUE Account section). Be sure to pick the correct school year for your students and Exclude any past LCPS students from the process who will not be re-enrolling.

    Families New to LCPS

Last Modified on February 15, 2017