• Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is proud to have a Strategic Plan, One LCPS Strategic Plan for Excellence, to provide direction for our school division through 2027. The School Board approved the new strategic plan on June 28, 2022 to include the vision, mission, core values, goals, aligned actions, and strategies.  

    Our students are at the center of all we do. The vision, mission and core values not only guide our work with students, but they are also the pillars of what we imagine for our students:

    • LCPS Vision: Every student will reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.
    • LCPS Mission: Empowering all students to make meaningful contributions to the world. 
    • LCPS Core Values:
      • HOLISTIC SUPPORT: Every student should have the support to feel safe, happy, and cared for in school.
      • EQUITY AND OPPORTUNITY: All students and staff should have access to resources, programs, and support that enable a successful future.
      • TRUST THROUGH LISTENING: All students, staff, and community members should have regular opportunities to be heard in two-way conversations across the division.
      • RIGOROUS TEACHING AND LEARNING: All students should be challenged to reach their full potential in the classroom as part of a system that aspires to become the best-performing division in the nation.
      • INDIVIDUALIZED SUCCESS: All unique strengths, skills, and passions should be celebrated, encouraging diverse pathways that support readiness after graduation
      • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: A culture of continuous improvement should drive the fulfillment of our mission

    As you explore the Strategic Plan, you will notice that we have four goals that are foundational in helping us achieve our mission and vision:

    • Empowered Students
    • Exemplary Staff
    • Enriched Division
    • Engaged Community 

    As One LCPS, our families, staff, division and community can work together to empower all students to make meaningful contributions to the world. It is our belief that every student can and will reach their full potential and achieve their dreams through our collective and collaborative efforts. 


Last Modified on September 26, 2023