Aaron Spence, Ed.D., Superintendent

  • I’m beginning my tenure as superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools as a school administrator and parent of two LCPS students.

    Like every other parent in our county, I want three things to happen for my kids each and every day. These are the same three things that I want for every child in this school division.

    I want them to be cared for. I want them to be loved. And I want them to learn something.

    You’ll note the order I’ve put these three things in. A child cannot thrive and learn where care and love are not a priority. Love, hope, the power of relationships, high expectations, all of these form the foundation of our work.

    For all children to thrive we need to be deeply committed to making sure they are seen as human beings, as persons of inherent value, worth and dignity. Our kids need, and deserve, this as part of their educational experience.

    It will be my intention, working with the community, to find ways to ensure that learning is meaningful, authentic, creative and joyful in our classrooms.

    Now, I’d like you to know some things about me.

    I came to Loudoun from Virginia Beach City Public Schools, where I had served nine years as  superintendent. In 2018, I was honored to be named Virginia Superintendent of the Year.

    Before coming to Virginia Beach, I served as superintendent of Moore County Public Schools in North Carolina. Working with a dedicated staff, we improved the school district's End of Grade Proficiency Scores, moving up 20 places in state rankings.

    My wife, Krista, and I have six children and are proud to be joining the parents who send their children to Loudoun County Public Schools.

Dr. Aaron Spence
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Last Modified on October 4, 2023