Military Families

Planning Your Arrival to LCPS

Preparing Your Move From LCPS

Academic Planning for Military Families

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children

Special Needs Navigation and Parental Rights

Virginia Procedural Safeguards for SPED

Virginia is one of only a few states in which parental consent is required before (i) and initial eligibility determination or any change in the students eligibility identification: (ii) any revision to the students IEP; (iii) any partial or complete termination of special education and related services (except for graduation with a standard or advanced diploma); and (iv) the provision of a free appropriate public education to transfer students.

Learn more about Your Family's Special Education Rights here. 

You can also learn more about Virginia Regulations Governing SPED here. 

Guidance for Military Families with Students in Special Education

When the family has schoolaged children, relocation includes transfers to a new school division. For military families with students receiving special education and related services, relocation may bring additional challenges in ensuring smooth transitions in enrollment in a new school division. Check out VDOE's Guidance for Military Families with Special Education for more information. 

You can also check out VDOE SPED Resources here for more support