• Gabrielle Carpenter, Student Services Coordinator
    Dawn Mahoney, Program Assistant

    On January 28, 2020, the Loudoun County School Board adopted revisions to Policy §8-20, School Assignment, which went into effect immediately, replacing previous versions of the policy.  Policy 8155, below, replaces the previous version. 

    Special Permission Requests  
    If you are relocating within Loudoun County after the start of school, please click below to apply for a family relocation move-in or move-out.  Please see the table below for details. Supporting documents are required and must be sent to the Special Permission office by the parent. You will need to update your address at your current school prior to applying for special permission.

    The regular special permission request window will be open April 1 at 10:00 am (March 1 for employees*)until June 30 at 11:00 pm. A request for a RENEWAL of a special permission to an over-enrolled middle or high school must be submitted by April 30. Renewal applications, for over-enrolled schools, received after April 30 will go through the regular special permission process.

    *school based employees or bus drivers may request permission for their children to attend their base school or an elementary school in their employment cluster beginning March 1


    You may use the button below if you would like to apply for special permission for a move-out only at this time.

             17-18 special permission request    



    If a parent/guardian wishes to cancel or rescind a special permission after it has been granted, a written request must be submitted to the office of Special Permissions. 

     Please note for rescinding a special permission at the elementary school level, if the student's home school is at grade level capacity, the student will be assigned to a regionally placed school.


    If a parent or legal guardian receives a denial of a request for special permission and wishes to appeal the decision sent from Gabrielle Carpenter, Pupil Services Coordinator, the parent should send their written correspondence to:
    Dr. Asia Jones, Superintendent's Designee c/o Gabrielle Carpenter, Student Services Coordinator
    Loudoun County Public Schools
    21000 Education Court Ashburn, VA 20148
    Phone:  (571) 252-1021
    FAX:  (571) 252-1242