• Welcome to the English Learners Family and Community Engagement (EL FACE) Office!  

  • Vision

    To empower English Learner students to make meaningful contributions to the world by nurturing partnerships and a sense of belonging between schools, families, and communities. 


    The EL FACE Office supports schools and EL families by providing multilingual programs to strengthen and sustain home-school partnerships, increase two-way communication and opportunities for collaboration that enhance student outcomes.

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  • Sarah Ocampo
    Sarah Ocampo
    FACE Coordinator

  • Liên hệ với nhóm FACE
  • با تیم FACE تماس بگیرید
  • Mona ELKholy
    Mona ELKholy
    FACE Arabic-Speaking Facilitator

  • Rahima
    Rahima Abdullah
    FACE Immigrant Youth Instructor

  • Karla Blasquez
    FACE Spanish-Speaking Facilitator

  • Raisa Burgos
    FACE Immigrant Youth Instructor

  • Adrianne Sethi
    Adrianne Sethi
    FACE Immigrant Youth Instructor

  • Min Young
    Min Young Cheng
    FACE Immigrant Youth Instructor

Last Modified on February 12, 2024