• Future School Sites/Facilities  


    Real Estate Wanted

    The Loudoun County School Board is soliciting site proposals for a future elementary school (ES-32) in the Dulles area.  The preferred location for this school is within the area bordered by Route 50/John Mosby Highway to the north, the Loudoun/Prince William County line to the south, Route 659/Gum Spring Road to the east, and generally Peach Orchard Lane to the west and within the Loudoun County Suburban and Transition Planning Policy Areas. The School Board prefers sites of approxiately 20 acres of usuable land for an elementary school.  Acreage may increase or decrease dependent on utility availability and site characteristics.

    Map of Preferred Area for School Site

    Prospective sellers should include the following information:  property location map, plat or recent survey, site size, floodplain map, existing easements, setback and buffer areas, topographic plats, utility availability, known environmental conditions, copy of the deed, site purchase price, and a photograph(s) of the site.  Interested parties are requested to address inquiries to:

    Beverly I. Tate, Director
    Loudoun County Public Schools, Division of Planning Services
    21000 Education Court, Suite 210, Ashburn, Virginia 20148

    If an agent for the owner submits a proposal, evidence of the agent's authority must accompany the proposal.

    Materials should be submitted to Loudoun County Public Schools by Friday, September 25, 2020, 4:00 p.m. 

Last Modified on January 10, 2021