9/11 - Monroe Students Explore the Newseum

On September 22nd, thirty-four students from Monroe’s Graphic Communications, TV Production, and Computer Networking programs visited the Newseum in downtown DC.  The Newseum is the world’s most interactive museum, where history meets technology. They started with a 4-D movie about time travel. Exploring the museum, the students were able to view a 8-panelled section of the Berlin Wall, support beams from the Twin Towers, as well as a complete collection of Pulitzer Prize Winning photographs from throughout the years.  A handful of students tried their skills as a reporter, in the Newseum’s interactive newsroom. Many students stopped to examine the new 9/11 exhibit which chronicled the front pages of newspapers around the world on that tragic day. They were also able to take a peek inside the Unabomber’s backwoods cabin. There was a lot to see and do, the students had a great time.