3/13 - Monroe Students Do Well at Skills Competition

This year, 30 students traveled to Roanoke VA to compete in the 49th annual SkillsUSA state competition.
Monroe Technology Center received 4 gold, 5 silver, 2 bronze, three 4th place and one 5th place winners.
Here are the results:
State T-shirt design (Mrs. Smith’s graphics class)
 5th place – Yessinia Bonilla
 3rd place – Lauren Sturman
 2nd place – Dominique Perez
 1st place – Daniel Cox
State Pin design (Mrs. Smith’s graphics class)
 4th place – Emily Mendoza
 2nd place – Soraya Beltran
Advertising Design (Mrs. Smith’s graphics class)
 1st place post secondary – Katrina Villavicencio
Masonry Technical Exam (Mr. Coates’ class)
 3rd place – Thomas Perez
HVAC Post secondary – (Mr. Park’s class)
 2nd place – Rolando Ramirez
 1st place – Geranimo Carillo
Cosmetology Technical Exam (Mrs. Edmonds’ class)
 2nd place – Kristin Maghamez
 1st place – Amanda Jackson
Fantasy Manaquin (Mrs. Edmonds’ class)
 5th place Post Secondary – Daniela Melendez
 4th place Post Secondary – Debra Owens
 4th place secondary – Ashley Thompson
Cosmetology (Mrs. Edmond’s class)
 2nd place – Amanda Campbell
Also, this year Monroe Technology Center has a SkillsUSA state representative – Ghazi Rizvi from Mrs. 
Smith’s Graphics class.
Ghazi, Katrina and Geronimo will travel to Kansas City, Missouri in June to participate in the SkillsUSA 
National competitions.
Congratulations to all students who competed and represented Monroe! Go Eagles!!!