11/12 - Monroe Takes Steps to Reduce Paper Use

Two Monroe programs, Advanced Networking and Graphic Communications, have teamed up to reduce the amount of paper used in the classroom.

Advanced Networking, taught by Rodney Krone, is currently studying the C-Tech copper cabling curriculum. After a cable is constructed, it must be tested. Each light on the cable tester has a different diagnostic meaning. As the students learn to troubleshoot these cables, they had been recording their findings on a single piece of paper, using approximately 300 pieces of paper per year. Nolan Pomeroy, a networking student, pointed out during a lesson that “we sure are wasting a lot of paper.”

Thinking outside the box, Mr. Krone teamed up with Graphic Communications instructor, Pam Smith, and asked her for help. Lauren Sturman, a Graphic Communications II student, was tasked with the job. She started with diagnostic paper the Advanced Networking class was currently using, she added color and expanded it to create a draft of the project. The networking students made a few suggestions and the final concept was transferred onto 9” x 13” dry erase boards using the sublimation printing technology available in Graphics Communications. This new, reusable board will allow the Advanced Networking students to test and diagnose their cables for years without the using a single sheet of paper.

It is these sorts of critical thinking skills being taught at Monroe that are invaluable to graduates entering the corporate world. Learning the strengths of the people around you helps everyone work more efficiently and effectively.

Lauren & Rodney