9/12 - First Blood Drive of the Year Exceeds Expectations


Monroe Technology Center held their first INOVA blood drive of the year and collected a record-setting 125 units over two days. The goal this school year is to collect 400 units, so with 4 INOVA drives scheduled, we expect to easily exceed our goal.

With a school population of just over 550 students, 158 students and staff signed up to donate, which is almost 29% of the school! We are very proud of our students’ willingness to help others in need.

INOVA is piloting an “Honor Cord Recognition Program” in Loudoun County. Graduating seniors will have had to donate six times or attempted eight times to receive the coveted red cord to wear with their graduation robe. An attempt is when the student signs up but is turned away because of illness, low iron, or some other disqualification. 

Because of the new "Red Rope" campaign, MTC will be hosting four INOVA blood drives this year. Rodney Krone, MTC's blood drive coordinator says, “I want to thank everyone for the support they have given in this effort. I know as the father of a blood transfusion recipient, it means the world to me to see these students give of themselves to help a total stranger.
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