4/12 - Monroe Helps INOVA Reach Their Goal


Monroe Technology Center just completed our third blood drive for the 2012 school year. We set a goal to collect 200 units this year. At the INOVA fall drive we collected 73 units. In the winter, Red Cross collected 53 units. For the INOVA spring drive we needed 74 units of blood to reach our goal. The students and staff donated 90 units, bringing our total to 216 for the year. Way to go MTC!!


With a student population of just over 500 students, 113 signed up to donate. That is over 20% of the school. We are very proud of our student’s willingness to help others in need.


Robyn Kaplan (Senior Account Manager from INOVA Blood Services) said "I am so proud of the volunteers and students at Monroe that came to donate and, because of them; over 250 patients in our local hospitals can be helped by their generous donations.  This is truly an essential service to our community and what an amazing reflection of your school’s character to have such a large percentage of your school population supporting blood donation."


INOVA is piloting an “Honor Cord Recognition Program” in Loudoun County. Because this is the start-up year, any senior that has donated four times or has attempted to donate six times in their high school career through INOVA will earn a red rope to be worn with their graduation gown. For following years, graduating seniors will have had to donate six times or attempted eight times. An attempt is when the student signs up but is turned away because of illness, low iron, or some other disqualification. Simply signing up and then chickening out does not qualify as an attempt.


Because of the red rope campaign, MTC will be hosting four INOVA blood drives next year. Any junior that donated at both of this year’s INOVA drives and donates at all four of next year’s drives will easily earn their red rope. Rodney Krone, MTC's blood drive coordinator says, “I want to thank everyone for all the support I receive each year. MTC would not be as successful without the support of the staff and PTSO volunteers.”

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