2/12 - Monroe Hosts Successful Blood Drive

Monroe had their second blood drive of the year. Unlike their home schools that have upwards of 1600 students, Monroe has about 250 students each day. More than 20% of Monroe students made appointments to donate blood each day. Over the two-day blood drive, the American Red Cross was able to harvest 53 units of blood.

The primary cause for the lower collection count was that some of the well intending Monroe students either did not have the body mass required (student weighs < 110 pounds) or did not have the iron level required (12.5). Rodney Krone (MTC blood drive coordinator) would like to thank everyone involved in another successful drive. Monroe will partner with Inova Blood Services on April 24 & 25. Students, staff, and parents are welcome to make appointments to donate.

Monroe had a blood drive in the fall that produced 73 units of blood. This gives us a total of 126 units of blood so far this school year. Our goal for our final blood drive will be 76 units of blood, in hopes of reaching a goal of 200 units for the school year.

The INOVA Blood Services have created a program that the Loudoun County Public Schools has adopted. Any student that donates six times or attempts to donate eight times, will receive a red cord for their cap at graduation. Because this is the first year of the program, INOVA has reduced the requirements for 2012 graduates to four donations or six attempts at donating.

If you would like to volunteer to help with registration or would like to donate blood in April, please contact the school's parent liaison, Sherry Khan at 571-252-2080 or sherry.khan@lcps.org
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