1/12 - Read & Write Gold Software Acquired by LCPS

Monroe Technology Center, as well as all Loudoun County Public Schools, has acquired a wonderful tool that can support student's reading, writing, research and study skills. This program, called Read & Write Gold, is available for use at school or from your home computer at http://apps.texthelp.com [username (lcpshigh) / password (highlogin)]. This program allows students to:


·         make vocabulary charts with definitions entered in automatically

·         highlight information from a web site that will be automatically organized in groupings for easier paragraph writing 

·         give dictionary definitions or pictures of unfamiliar words while reading without looking the words up elsewhere

·         predicting words that may be used next in a sentence for those "writer's block" days

·         check the whole essay for consistent verb tense

·         finds homophone errors (there; their)

·         translating text to a different language (either written or orally)


Look at Read & Write Gold for yourself. Explore the various video tutorials by clicking on the black arrow next to each icon for a 1 to 2-minute description. You will be impressed, and students of all ages will find that the tools are helpful in accessing information. However, because of the additional processing power required, this software runs much better on a desktop computer than on a wireless laptop.