Veterinary Student to Travel to East Africa

Monroe veterinary student, Kathrine McCarty, has been accepted into the prestigious School for Field Studies Tanzania program. She will travel to Kenya and Tanzania from June 11th to July 10th this summer to address some environmental issues plaguing that area of the world. She will work with the Maasai people to help maintain the integrity of open grasslands which benefits the national parks and sanctuaries that are home to many species, such as elephant, giraffe, and zebra. She will evaluate and promote the management of wildlife dispersal areas, productive grazing lands, reliable water points, and safe homesteads to help wildlife survive and the Maasai and their neighbors to meet current and future livelihood needs. Land scarcity and water issues not only impact wildlife populations in the area, but human populations as well. Maasai ranch leaders noted recently an increase in health problems among the Maasai, many of which can be linked to poor water quality.