Standard B

Standard B
Apply knowledge of terms associated with educational computing and technology.

Listed below the standard are items that could (for example) be included in an individual's portfolio that will be reviewed during the formal evaluation conference.   The individual can submit other items and justify their purpose in the portfolio, during a conference with the reviewer.

It is the responsibility of the individual to assure that the portfolio items include evidence of proficiency of all eight standards. This list is not meant to be inclusive or exhaustive; however, all portfolio items should be related to classroom activities. 

  • a lesson used with students that teaches or reinforces appropriate vocabulary
  • a written description of how telecommunications works in your building
  • a printed copy of directions for students to complete a technology task
  • a completed technical vocabulary test
  • a letter to parents explaining a technology project
  • a written description of the advantages and disadvantages of a network
  • a written description of how to choose an ISP