TSIP Introduction


TSIP Assessment

To meet the state’s requirements the Loudoun Plan will expect that principals/supervisors include assessment of the eight "Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel" (TSIP) as part of the formal evaluation. Evaluators will include a document, Assessment of Technology Competencies, which will indicate which standards have been met.

  • Teachers who are graduates of Virginia colleges and universities will meet the requirements as a part of their teacher training beginning with the class of 2002.
  • Beginning July 2003 any teacher coming to Loudoun County from outside of Virginia has one year to complete the TSIP's requirement.
  • Beginning July 2018 all licensed personnel applying for renewal of their Viriginia license must show documentation that they have met the TSIP using the License Renewal Form.



The assessment will have two components: observation and portfolio. These will be reviewed at the time of the evaluation conference by principal/supervisor and staff member.

a. Observation - Evaluators will observe evidence of proficiency and usage of technology in the classroom with special attention being paid to appropriate integration of technology into the curriculum. Administrators are encouraged to observe the use of technology as they move throughout their school throughout the year.

b. Portfolio - Staff members will prepare a portfolio which includes evidence of technology integration in the curriculum. All entries should be related to classroom instruction or practices and be relevant and authentic documents. (See TSIP Samples.)



a. Principal

  • Verify that "Assessment of Technology Competencies" form have been met; sign forms
  • File copy of "Assessment of Technology Competency" form in license holder’s work site personnel file; return portfolio document to staff member with original copy of form

b. Teacher

  • Conference with IFTs concerning how best to achieve competencies
  • Determine ways to achieve competencies; seek training
  • Maintain evidence of completion of competencies which document use of authentic instructional tasks
  • Prepare portfolio for evaluation conference and confer with principal
  • Maintain portfolio and original copy of "Assessment of Technology Competencies" in personal records

c. IFT

  • Review current status with staff
  • Plan activities and workshops to meet needs of staff
  • Assist staff in portfolio development

See TSIP information and samples for specific standards, examples, and the TSIP Form.