Speech Tip:

Some GREAT Expressive Language activities for families:
Encourage questions and explore answers (especially questions where answers are NOT simply yes or no)
Compare how things are alike and different, such as videos, movies, food, etc.
Look for patterns; in shapes, sizes, colors, purpose, etc.
Describe and categorize stuff, like things you find in the kitchen, at a park, etc.
Ask WHY when children tell you they want something or want to do or not do something.
Use the word BECAUSE after "No" or  "Not tonight..."
Provide reasons for actions and decisions made - you to them and them to you.
Encourage and celebrate opinions.
For current Speech students :
Don't forget to complete your daily Speech Homework Activities that are sent home in your Speech Folder each day.
You can also practice your best speech while you are taking a walk outside or looking out of the window while you are riding in the car.  Try to find as many things that:
-start with your targeted speech sound; say them aloud, using your best speech techniques,
-you can make a list in categories, (example: things that you see in the sky, green things, things with handles, things you need to wash a car, things on a playground, animals that live in trees, things that you need to set the dinner table, etc.)
-you can say 5 sentences about things that you see, while using your smoothest, most correct, and fluent speech.
Try to make time to do your Speech activities each day. 

Keep up the good work!!