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J. Michael Lunsford Middle School


School Mission and Vision Statement

J. Michael Lunsford Middle School ensures student achievement through positive relationships, collaboration, and equitable practice.

  We believe that all students can learn. We also understand that students and adults learn at different rates, requiring additional time, or in different ways, requiring different instructional strategies, to achieve mastery.

 Instructional Goal Statements

TA01 -The school uses an identification process (including ongoing conversations with instructional leadership teams and data points to be used) for all students at risk of failing or in need of targeted interventions.

TA02 - The school uses a tiered, differentiated intervention process to assign research-based interventions aligned with the individual needs of identified students (the process includes a description of how interventions are selected and assigned to students as well as the frequency and duration of interventions for Tier 2 and Tier 3 students).
TA03 - REQUIRED - The school uses a monitoring process (including a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to review student intervention outcome data and identifies “triggers” and next steps for unsuccessful interventions) for targeted intervention students to ensure fidelity and effectiveness.
VC01 - Staff members use evidence of student learning as feedback to adapt and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of the different students.

VC02 - Staff members use feedback to respond quickly to students' learning needs. This includes on the spot changes during a lesson (when it is

obvious students are not understanding), as well as anticipating where students

might struggle and planning ahead to address those needs.