Other Great News

Milena Glumsic, teacher, Willard Middle School

Nominated by Saanvi, current student

"My English teacher is very inspirational. She is always energetic and very patient with us. One day, she came into class after a rough morning. Most teachers might yell and be grumpy, but my teacher just calmly told us she wasn't feeling her best when we entered the room, yet started teaching the class just like she normally does. She was very professional, and it taught me that I can still put effort into my work and treat people kindly, even when I am not feeling very happy myself."

Holly Fuhrman, counselor, J. Michael Lunsford Middle School

Nominated by Suzanne Salgado, assistant principal

"Holly is going above and beyond in taking over as the lead counselor. She has also done an incredible job with making sure our students transitioning to our school from 5th grade have a smooth transition. This required a lot of planning and effort to make sure all the pieces fit! We had our parent information night last night for our rising 6th grade families and Holly did such an amazing job helping them feel at ease. Our families loved hearing about our school and are excited to become part of the Lunsford family! Way to go Holly! We appreciate everything you do!"

Shelly Sandhu, Stone Hill Middle School

Nominated by Vandana Purohit, community member

"Ms. Sandhu is a phenomenal teacher. She takes time to make sure students understand a chapter before starting a new one."

Liz Levy, administrative assistant, Broad Run High School

Nominated by Lisa Kohr, community member

"Liz Levy should be recognized for the outstanding work she does every single day at Broad Run. I’ve watched her not only check in a line of eager substitutes, and hand off their job descriptions like a professional quarterback! Liz deserves recognition. She goes above and beyond."

Danielle Page, teacher, Park View High School

Nominated by Kaitye Alvarado, student

"Ms. Page has always been there for me. When I first got into her class and even now as a junior, I can always stop by and tell her everything because she is just that type of person that you can trust with everything!"


Crystal Wallen and Lorraine Stewart, teachers, River Bend Middle School

Nominated by Jennifer Syron, community member

"Congratulations and thank you to River Bend teachers Crystal Wallen, Lorraine Stewart, and former LCPS teacher Stephen Caviness on the publication of their article "Embracing Uncertainty, Struggle, and Creativity with Open Middle" in the February issue of Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12. As an EL teacher in the mathematics classroom, I really appreciated the constructive ideas for promoting collaboration, creativity, and perseverance. Intrigued, I read through their references hoping to find some sources for open middle problems, only to discover the authors are LCPS teachers! Thanks again for the new ideas!"

 Lisa Lee, lead driver, Transportation/Willard Middle School

Nominated by Gela Russell, assistant principal

"Lisa Lee has continually shown dedication and a deep commitment to our school — Willard. She is a great presence on our campus every day. As the bus lead, each afternoon, she connects with every bus driver to ensure that they are ready for their evening routes. She can often be seen laughing with her colleagues, asking about their families, and encouraging them as they embark on an energizing evening. She is continually thinking of ways to help make the dismissal process better. For example, she helps strategize with our Assistant Principal about which buses should leave earlier to help them pick up a second load faster and ultimately get our students home in a quicker and safer manner. This culture of improvement is built into her mindset. She is able to do that because she has fostered relationships and is a valued team member who will do whatever she can to ensure our success. She will often jump in to help show a bus driver how to repair an element of their vehicle or how to connect with students in a more productive and meaningful way. If necessary, she will even drive a route when a bus driver is absent. Everything she does is for our LCPS community."

Keara Fink, teacher, Round Hill Elementary School

Nominated by Luke Smith, student

"Mrs. Fink is really nice and is my favorite art teacher. One time I made a really cool and good drawing in art class. I was working on that drawing for over a month. When I was done she gave it a whole bunch of compliments. It made me feel proud of myself and happy. That's why she's very nice."

Brandon Colville, teacher, Little River Elementary School

Nominated by Ashley Blossom, community member

"I would like to spread a little “Shine” for Mr. Colville and the work he does as a special education teacher. Mr. Colville's dedication and compassion make a difference in the lives of his students. Mr. Colville has created a safe and supportive learning environment where our son feels safe and empowered to learn and grow. Thank you for being a source of positiveness each and every day!"

Shannon Cramer, long term substitute, Goshen Post Elementary School

Nominated by Ruth Addison Coleman, teacher

"She made my transition to Goshen Post smooth. She is kind, easy going. She never made me feel like a bother. The children and staff love her."

Regina Vall, special education dean, and Amanda Brougham, counselor, Dominion High School

Nominated by Denise Soukup, Distance Learning Specialist

"Ms. Brougham and Ms. Vall have worked very hard to support students. When students are experiencing significant needs, they do everything they can to personalize the learning environment and meet students where they are-physically, academically and emotionally- to even include meeting their students on the way into the building to build rapport, momentum and feelings of connectedness."