Other Great News

Kiersten Dickenson, teacher, Trailside Middle School

Nominated by Nina Shtengel, student

"Mrs. Dickenson is an AMAZING teacher. She always cares to teach us the best, and she cares about us! I can always rely on her to talk to!"

Doug Bauer, teacher, Brambleton Middle School

Nominated by Zayan Mohammed, student

"Mr. Bauer is my history teacher and he is very nice and is really energetic."

Angela Abbott, teacher, Brambleton Middle School

Nominated by Karina Reddy, student

"Ms. Abbott is so loving and kind. She has helped me so much this year!!"

Laura Calderwood, teacher, Trailside Middle School

Nominated by Patty Yeboah, student

"I would like to nominate Ms. Calderwood for all she does. She is very kind and makes the work we do in her class easy and caring. I know when I need help she will always come to my aid especially with code.org. At first when I came to her class, I did not really like ICA. But because of Ms. Calderwood, I have adapted and even at first when I was not good at typing club, she helped me a lot and now I can type pretty fast and even have finished more topics than I needed to. She has made my year in her class very fun even after I wanted to go back to the art course. Thanks Ms. Calderwood!"

Kimberly Poole, teacher, J. Lupton Simpson Middle School

Nominated by Estanley Martinez and Masroor Abdullah, students

Estanley: "She is the best teacher ever-she helps me with any work I have to do."

Masroor: "Ms. Poole is the best teacher everrrrr!!! She teaches me so much computer science; she's so nice and gives me candy and everything!!!"

Kim Hjort, administrative assistant, Meadowland Elementary School

Nominated by Felecia Lewis, parent

"Kim Hjort is always so cheerful and loving towards all the Mustang families. She is always helpful and goes the extra mile for everyone she comes in contact with! I have kids in other schools and by far is the best admin I’ve EVER met! She exudes love and positivity and I’m so glad she’s part of the Mustang family! We love you Kim!"

Lisa Dolinich, teacher, Trailside  Middle School

Nominated by Aram Moslehi, student

"Mrs. Dolinich is one of the best teachers I have ever had! She utilizes her half-block time efficiently, helping us complete challenging activities in our Spectrum class all along the way! She makes sure that we are always on task and provides us with demanding problems that help us grow and learn in her class. Though she has a shorter time to teach us than most of the other blocks, she always confirms that we learned something new. She answers questions promptly and clearly and is always greeting us with a brain-bending warmup. Mrs. Dolinich's class is a very intellectually stimulating one!"

Elizabeth Fetscher, teacher, J. Lupton Simpson Middle School

Nominated by Patrick, student and Francesca Berini, student

Patrick says, "She always helps and is nice."


Francesca writes, "Ms. Fetscher has done several amazing things, but the most amazing thing was when she allowed me to talk to her when I was having trouble in my other classes with students misbehaving. Before and after English class she would take me outside so we could talk. I later found out that she was advocating for me to the dean when I was too nervous to."

Jennifer Koch, teacher assistant, Trailside Middle School

Nominated by Patty Yeboah, student

"I would like to nominate Ms. Koch for all she does. She is very kind, funny and always has something nice to say to me every day. When I need help in any of my classes and no one is able to help me, she always comes around to help me. Even though I am going to 7th grade next year, Ms. Koch will always be an adult I will cherish."

Mikala Hawkins-Marshall, teacher, J. Lupton Simpson Middle School

Nominated by Breyonnie, student

"Mrs. Marshall is nice and sweet! She's funny and an amazing teacher."

Mark Peyton, teacher, J. Lupton Simpson Middle School

Nominated by William, student

"Mr Peyton is very inspirational and funny and makes class fun."

Beth Paquette, teacher, J. Lupton Simpson Middle School

Nominated by Michael Gildersleeve, student

"My band teacher, Mrs. Paquette, decided to take a song out of our concert that we had only practiced a few times. She wanted us to be able to show our families how well we perform. It turns out she was right in that decision and we sounded great."

Anna Lang, teacher, Trailside Middle School

Nominated by Patty, student

"I would like to nominate Ms. Lang for all she does. She is very kind, funny and very caring. I love it when she says hi to me every day even when I am not in her classroom, and she is very helpful when I need someone to revise my work. I know next year I am going to 7th grade, but even when I go, Ms. Lang will be one of my best memories here."

Juan Vasquez, coach, Freedom High School

Nominated by Paul Pack, principal, Liberty Elementary School

"This year, Coach Juan Vazquez started the Readin' Eagles program where the entire Freedom Boys Varsity Soccer Team comes to Liberty each week to read with our students. This was possible because of the boys' head coach wanting to instill more than just skills and teamwork into their role as athletes...to make an impact on their community. I wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for Juan's incredible support and the positive impact he has had on our students. Juan's dedication as the Head Coach of the Freedom Boys Soccer Team has been truly remarkable. By matching one of his players with our struggling readers, he has not only fostered academic growth but also instilled valuable lessons in character and community involvement in his athletes and mentors. Each week, our students eagerly anticipated their time with their mentors, and the enthusiasm and commitment from his team were evident in every interaction. Senior Night earlier this month was a highlight for everyone involved. Seeing the kids on the field with their mentors was a powerful reminder of the meaningful relationships and connections that have been built throughout the program. It was a remarkable experience for our students, and I know it is something they will cherish for years to come. I want to express our sincere hope that we can continue this partnership for many years. Juan's leadership and the involvement of the Freedom Boys Soccer Team have made a significant difference, and we are excited about the potential for future collaborations. We thank Juan once again for being such an amazing partner and for his unwavering commitment to our students' growth and development. We deeply appreciate all that he did this year.

Jordyn Bright, site-based substitute, J. Michael Lunsford Middle School

Nominated by Jeanette Dunhem, teacher

"Jordan Bright is AMAZING! She knows all the students' names, their stories and has made an authentic connection with nearly every student in our building. Ms. Bright has one of the toughest jobs at our school- she is our site-based sub! Every day is different and her day changes block by block. It doesn't matter what subject, what grade level, what topic- Ms. Bright will jump right in, follow the lesson plans and ensure that whatever is handed to her will be accomplished. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful site-based sub!"

Joseph Funkhouser, teacher, Trailside Middle School

Nominated by Akshara Edassery, student

"Mr. Funkhouser is my favorite history teacher. He is so funny, and he always listens to our thoughts and gives us the solution accordingly. When someone needs help, he always helps them in a fun way. He welcomes us with a bright and warm smile. I love my history teacher...Mr. Funkhouser !!!!"


Lisa Dolinich, teacher, Trailside Middle School

Nominated by an anonymous student

"Mrs. Dolinich is one of my favorite teachers. She helps us with our work in Spectrum and always has creative ideas for our projects and assignments. She is very funny and really nice and her class is always super fun. Mrs. Dolinich is a very special teacher, and I am glad that I am in her class."

Wyatt Calhoun, teacher, Trailside Middle School

Nominated by Cal DeWitt, student

"Mr. Calhoun is one of the greatest history teachers of all time. He is always caught up with what the students like and what they talk about, and incorporates it into our class. He always makes sure our class is a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. He also makes a lot of jokes to make the classroom not just a place for learning, but also a place to be free and able to express yourself. Mr. Calhoun's class is a great class and I will never forget what he has done for me for years to come."

Marguerite Keane, teacher, Trailside Middle School

Nominated by Christian, student

"Ms. Keane is the nicest teacher I have ever had. Whenever I need to talk to someone, I go to her. She is always there. Whenever I don't understand something, she can always help me."

Patience Shirk, teacher, Trailside Middle School

Nominated by Gabby, student

"Mrs. Shirk is a great art teacher. She always gives us the time we need to create our beautiful artwork. She shows us the proper ways to do our artwork and do it carefully. When you walk into her room she always greets you with a hello and a bright smile. Thank you Mrs. Shirk!"