Welcome O.N.E.! Welcomes 638 New Employees

Welcome O.N.E.! Welcomes 638 New Employees

The red-carpet welcome Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) traditionally extends to new employees rolled out on Friday, August 11, at Independence High School.

Welcome O.N.E.! (Outstanding New Employees) formally greeted 638 new employees, including 267 teachers new to the profession. Their entrance to the high school was marked by a literal red carpet with the Independence marching band, cheerleaders and principals from throughout the school division cheering them on.  

LCPS Chief Academic Officer Dr. Ashley Ellis gave practical advice for the new employees in her keynote remarks, “Accept where you are and who you are.

“Set yourself up for success by being you. Don't compare yourself with veteran teachers, the fun teacher down the hall, the new teacher who has time for a dozen extracurricular activities, or anyone else. Just as your best will look different every year, the same goes for your colleagues. Yes, strive for excellence. And, model your best by being yourself and, remember, even as educators, we are also learners…

“Treat students like people, expect them to do the same and your classroom culture will thrive. Recognize and celebrate differences, expect and show respect and know each of your students has contributions to make - both in your classroom and in the world beyond.” 

Independence Principal John Gabriel urged teachers to start the new school year on the highest note possible. 

“Across the country students come home after the first day of school, and when their mom or dad ask them ‘What did you do today?’ they simply say, ‘Nothing.’ The thing is they are not being difficult; they are being honest. We do a great job at making the first day of school boring. Students go from class to class hearing all the things that they cannot do, how to access the restroom and what their syllabus consists of. If they're in high school, they do this all day and then come back the next day to hear it all over again. The problem is that all students are excited for the first day of school. It might be that they are excited to meet their teachers, wear a new outfit, or see their friends, but they are excited and then we extinguish that joy. So do you want to be a fire extinguisher or a fire starter? Do you want to spark their interest in learning? Then roll out your best lesson on the first day of school. Show them why you love your content area and why you have made this your life’s work.”

The new employees bring a diverse range of experiences to LCPS. The most popular colleges and universities for the new teachers are:

  • George Mason University – 42

  • James Madison University – 36

  • Virginia Tech – 14

  • Christopher Newport University – 10

  • Pennsylvania State University – 7

  • Virginia Commonwealth University – 7

  • Radford University – 6

  • University of Virginia – 6

  • Liberty University – 5

  • Longwood University – 5

  • University of Maryland – 5

23 new teachers come from colleges and universities outside of the U.S.

The states the new teachers come from include:

  • Virginia – 153

  • Maryland – 14

  • Pennsylvania – 14

  • New York – 7

  • Utah – 7

  • District of Columbia – 6

  • Florida – 4

  • Illinois – 4

  • West Virginia – 4

142 of the licensed new hires are LCPS graduates.

103 of licensed new hires are career-switchers.

20 of licensed new hires are military veterans.

Published August 16, 2023