LCPS Mobile Clinic Provides Valuable Healthcare Support

The LCPS Mobile Health Clinic visited schools in Sterling this summer, providing Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) students with access to basic health care and required school enrollment physicals. As of July 25, the clinic held 12 sessions at six schools with 76 students receiving medical support. 

“The presence of the eye-catching bus has attracted families for routine physicals or check-ups,” said Dr. Kristina Jung, LCPS Community Schools Nurse Practitioner and Mobile Health Clinic Nurse Practitioner. “Families have appreciated the convenience of the bus rather than scheduling appointments and transportation to their own providers. We have also seen many students who do not have healthcare insurance and are also very appreciative of the new service.”  

Mobile clinic staff – which includes an LCPS nurse practitioner, registrar and translation staff, Inova nurses and nursing students from George Washington University, School of Nursing – report that the mobile clinic was successful with available slots filling up within the first half hour of clinic operations for the day. On average the clinic sees six to ten students, depending on whether the clinic is operating for three or four hours. Each clinic visit requires roughly 30 minutes to complete the physical and provide additional medical guidance. 

In addition to providing physicals, mobile clinic staff connect families with a medical home, especially with Inova Cares Clinics, and provide guidance on where families can receive immunizations and tuberculosis screenings which are required for school enrollment. Clinic staff have also provided referrals to the Northern Virginia Dental Clinic, which provides dental services to referred individuals. 

“Although we can’t perform any lab tests, parents and students receive age-appropriate anticipatory guidance that is an integral component of routine physicals. We have also provided body-mass index assessments and growth charts to reinforce healthy diets and habits for growing children,” said Jung.

The LCPS Mobile Health Clinic is supported through a Community Schools grant from the Virginia Department of Education. LCPS has six community schools – Forest Grove Elementary School, Guilford Elementary School, Sterling Elementary School, Sully Elementary School and Sugarland Elementary School – that through their designation receive additional support. Partnerships with Inova and George Washington University, School of Nursing has also made the Mobile Health Clinic. In addition to providing staff support, Inova provided the clinic bus and driver. 

LCPS elementary students who will be attending an LCPS school for the first time are required to have a completed physical performed no earlier than 12 months prior to the date the student first enters kindergarten or elementary school. Kindergarten students and students new to LCPS are also required by Virginia law to be immunized against certain diseases and have a tuberculosis screening. Seventh and twelfth-grade students are also required to receive immunizations prior to the start of school.

Published August 11, 2023