LCPS Annual Stakeholder Survey Reports Available Online

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) surveys students, families and staff yearly to receive feedback. Response rates met the standards for being representative of the LCPS population. Division and school-level reports for the Annual Family, Staff and Student Surveys are available on the LCPS website.

These surveys were emailed in March 2023 to all school-based staff and two adults per student for every student enrolled in an LCPS school. Schools administered elementary and high school student surveys to students in grades 3-5 and 9-12. Middle school students were exempt from the LCPS student survey because they participated in the Virginia School Climate Survey in 2022-23. 

LCPS students, families and staff overwhelmingly indicated they were satisfied with their school:

  • 92 percent of elementary school students said they like their school.
  • 81 percent of high school students said they like their school.
  • 90 percent of families said their school provides a high-quality education.
  • 89 percent of LCPS staff said their school is a good place to work and learn.

These percentages reflect the number of those who answered a survey question "Agree," "Strongly Agree" or "Yes."

While the overall impressions of those surveyed were highly favorable, the results showed areas LCPS will seek to address. For example, 22 percent of staff and 20 percent of high school students replied "Yes" to "Bullying is a problem in this school." Although 87 percent of families felt that "This school provides multiple opportunities for family engagement in school activities," only 79 percent reported, "This school works with me to make key decisions about my child's education."  

Published August 2, 2023