Teen from Ashburn to Represent Virginia at JDRF 2023 Children’s Congress

Emory Ellis, a senior at Stone Bridge High School, was chosen to join a delegation of his peers and celebrity advocates in Washington, D.C., this summer for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) 2023 Children’s Congress. Emory, and more than 160 other youth from across the country, met with members of Congress and other key decision makers July 9-11 to inform them of the critical role they can play in supporting efforts to fund type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.

Emory participated in leadership and character-building programming, interacted with T1D role models, and engaged in a number of activities on Capitol Hill. This included attending a Senate hearing to share personal testimonies that highlight the challenges of living with T1D and the need for continued Federal funding through the Special Diabetes Program (SDP). Together, the Delegates helped to convey to the federal government that T1D is a global issue that requires a global response.

“I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 12 years old,” Emory said. “I want to teach more people, especially our Nation’s leaders, about what it’s like to live with T1D and why it is important to make insulin affordable for all and support T1D researchers working on better treatments and a cure.” You can read more about Emory and his journey online.

Dr. Daniel Smith, LCPS Acting Superintendent, congratulated Emory for his accomplishment and for representing the very best of LCPS. “Emory is exactly the kind of young person who is at the center of our work,” Dr. Smith said. “He and students like him will be the ones to cure diseases, create timeless art and make countless meaningful contributions to the world.”

To learn more about T1D and JDRF’s efforts visit their website.

Published July 17, 2023