School Board Summary June 27, 2023

The Loudoun County School Board held a meeting at 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 27, in the School Board Meeting Room at the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Administrative Offices, 21000 Education Court in Ashburn.

Board Member Attendance

  • Chair Ian Serotkin: Present

  • Vice Chair Harris Mahedavi: Present

  • Jeff Morse: Absent

  • Atoosa Reaser: Present

  • Tiffany Polifko: Present

  • John Beatty: Absent

  • Erika Ogedegbe: Present

  • Brenda Sheridan: Present

  • Denise Corbo: Absent (Ms. Corbo monitored the meeting remotely)

School Board Work Session

The School Board received an update from the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) regarding the annual audit process.

The School Board received an update from staff on a summary of racial incidents and hate speech in schools.

The School Board discussed the policy feedback process.

The School Board then went into a closed session

Recessed Meeting

Pledge Leaders and National Anthem

The Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem were performed by Freedom High School Periphas Saxophone Quartet.

Acting Superintendent’s Report

Dr. Smith shared a number of updates, including:

  • LCPS held a ribbon cutting for its new Mobile Health Clinic

  • Four LCPS Schools received Exemplar Performance Awards

  • Three LCPS Schools received No Place for Hate designation

View the entire report online.

Public Comment

Community members participated in person to provide the School Board with comments on a range of topics.

Action Items

The Board addressed six Action Items:

  1. The Board approved recommended changes to amend the FY24 Operating Budget by recognizing $16,300,000 in additional county funding, reducing state funding by $13,000,000, and adopting expenditure changes totaling $113,171, resulting in a revised budget of $1,668,345,179.

  2. The School Board adopted revisions to Policy 5045, Criteria and Selection of Supplemental Instructional Materials, as well as adopting new Policy 5046, Criteria and Selection of School and Classroom Library Materials and Policy 5047, Review of Challenged Instructional and Library Materials.

  3. The School Board adopted new Policy 5048, Family Life Education.

  4. The School Board awarded RFP #R23265, LCPS Mathematics Intervention Resources, to Heinemann and Curriculum Associates from the date of award through June 30, 2024.

  5. The School Board revised Policy 2610, Loudoun County School Board Staff Aides.

  6. The School Board adopted a Fall 2023 Meeting Calendar for a Dulles South area elementary school attendance zone change process in conjunction with the Fall 2024 opening of Henrietta Lacks Elementary School and FY 2025 capital budgets.

Information Items

The Board discussed several information items:

  • Revisions to Policy 7726, Military Leave

  • Revisions to Policy 2430, School Board Agenda

  • A Proclamation recognizing July 2023 as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

View the entire agenda online.

The Board then went into closed session and ultimately adjourned the meeting.

For the full Board meeting, visit the LCPS website.

*The summary is provided as a quick reference to School Board meeting activity but does not serve as an official record. Official minutes are posted as soon as available. 

Published June 28, 2023