Fire Safety Books Donated to Loudoun County Public Schools by Loudoun County Fire Marshal and Life Safety Office

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) students now have more options for books to read on fire safety and 911. Thanks to the Loudoun County Fire Marshal and Life Safety Office and Loudoun County Fire and Rescue (LCFR) members for donating more than 100 books to LCPS elementary schools. LCFR Fire Marshal Seaver Miller and his team visited three elementary schools to deliver the books and meet with students.

“Stories are powerful tools to help our youngest students learn and understand the world around them,” stated Elissa Mortiz, LCPS Media Services Supervisor. “The Beamer and Sophie books were created in Loudoun County specifically to help our students learn about safety, and we appreciate the generous donation of the Loudoun County Fire Marshal's Office to help enhance our collections around safety.” The donated books are available in LCPS elementary school libraries and include the following:

  • “Beamer Learns About Fire Safety” by Cindy Chambers (2014)
    Come with Beamer as he learns the importance of Fire Safety. Beamer and his best friend, Kyle, learn from some welcoming firefighters and The Tell Me Town Fire & Rescue Station chief. Share in their excitement as they learn aspects of fire safety that are important for all families. 

  • “Sophie Needs an Ambulance” by Cindy Chambers (2021)
    Come with Beamer, the therapy dog, and friends to learn what happens when we call 9-1-1. These real-life firefighters and EMTs join Dr. Morgan, a real-life emergency physician, as they teach us what to do in case of an emergency. 

  • “Dolley the Fire Dog” by Lisa Gerry (2019)
    Journey along as Dolley visits the fire site, trains to sniff out flammable items and teaches students about fire safety.

“We are so thankful for the partnership between LCPS and the Fire Marshal’s office, and it’s a pleasure to show our appreciation by donating these books,” stated Miller. “We are donating these books with the hope that students will use these resources to learn about fire and life safety while enjoying reading.”

Published June 26, 2023