Heritage High School “Pea Patrollers” Selected as a Virginia Winner of the 2023 Spring Plant the Moon Challenge

Heritage High School “Pea Patrollers” was selected as a Virginia winner of the 2023 Spring Plant the Moon Challenge. The NASA Space Grant Regional Expansion Project and the Virginia Space Grant Consortium advised the team they were selected as state winners by an independent Institute of Competition Sciences review panel.

The “Pea Patrollers” attended a celebration honoring winners from the Commonwealth on June 3, 2023, at the Science Museum of Virginia. The event highlighted the team’s hard work and dedication as participants of the Plant the Moon Challenge.

Participants in the Plant the Moon Challenge joined the global science experiment and research challenge to examine how vegetable crops can grow in lunar or Martian soil. Each team received real soil simulant from the University of Central Florida’s CLASS Exolith Lab. They then designed and conducted a set of experiments using the simulant to grow crops for a future long-duration mission.

“Our Heritage High School research students have benefited greatly from this experience this year,” stated Bryan Newman, Science Department Chair at Heritage High School. “All of our research students have participated in this opportunity, which provided them with an authentic, collaborative, international, student-led research experience.”

For more information on Plant the Moon, visit their website.

Published June 8, 2023