Rededication of the Renovated Douglass High School Held May 21, 2023

Around 500 people were on hand to witness the ribbon cutting of The Historic Douglass High School Education and Development Campus on Sunday, May 21. The event celebrated the rededication of the renovated and restored Douglass High School (DHS) by Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). During the renovation project, LCPS collaborated with the Loudoun County School Board-appointed Douglass High School Commemorative Committee (DHSCC), representatives from Loudoun historical organizations and commissions, elected official citizen appointments and members from the Loudoun Douglass High School Alumni Association, Edwin Washington Society, Loudoun Branch of the NAACP and the MLK 'I Have A Dream' Committee.

Douglass High School was constructed in 1941 on land that was purchased by the African-American community and transferred to the School Board to secure a facility for the secondary education of their children. The Douglass School was the only African-American high school in Loudoun County until the court-ordered end of segregation in 1968. The building is listed in the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places. 

At the rededication ceremony and ribbon cutting, members of the DHSCC, DHS alumni, former teachers and others associated with the school from 1941 to 1968 and the recent renovation project enjoyed hearing the Douglass High School song performed by the Loudoun Community Gospel Choir. In his remarks, Dr. Daniel Smith, Acting Superintendent, Loudoun County Public Schools said, “LCPS is richer for living the true meaning of collaboration with the Douglass High School Commemorative Committee and all those community members and organizations that made today possible.” 

Loudoun County School Board Chair, Ian Serotkin, said, “I feel that what makes this place special, and what makes today truly exceptional, are the individuals who made it possible, the people gathered here today to celebrate, and the people who, despite no longer being with us, are forever bound to the history of Douglass High School.”

Kelly Burk, Mayor, Town of Leesburg, welcomed the new facility and its services saying, “History continues to happen in Leesburg, here in this very special place called The Historic Douglass High School Education and Development Campus.”  

Phyllis Randall, Chair, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors also addressed the assembly by speaking of the future. “The legacy of the Douglass Alumni will positively impact generations far into the future. So many of us stand on their shoulders,” she stated. “As they pass us the baton, it is my fervent hope we will honor the Douglass Alumni by carrying on their legacy of greatness.”  

The featured guest speaker was Kevin Douglass Greene, the great-great-grandson of Frederick Douglass, for whom the school is named, who spoke from the heart about the value of education and freedom.

The restored 1941 portion of the building holds offices of community partners and will feature a rotating collection of historic photographs, memorabilia and other exhibits commemorating and honoring the rich legacy of past and present generations who help ensure African American children in Loudoun County could receive an accredited secondary education. The DHSCC, in conjunction with LCPS staff, construction team members, and architects, implemented multiple commemorative concepts to best tell the story of Douglass High School. The public is invited to visit the campus this week or by arranging a tour by contacting or 

Campus tours this week:
Monday, May 22, 2023 - 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 27, 2023 - 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 28, 2023 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

On the newly renovated campus, the community will find the following services and offices: 

LCPS and Loudoun County Programs 

Welcome Center The Welcome Center’s multilingual staff provides students and families with a welcoming and affirming introduction to LCPS and offers students and families the information and resources they need to be engaged and supported partners in their student’s education. The Welcome Center services include determining student eligibility for LIEP (Language Instruction Education Program) services; evaluating secondary international transcripts; gathering information about a student’s social/academic history to make course/program recommendations; and, supporting school staff as they welcome students and families to their school, including helping students register.

Head Start The LCPS Head Start program is a federally-funded program for 100, 3- and 4-year-old children who are economically disadvantaged. The program offers a comprehensive program for preschool children of income-eligible families, with an emphasis on education, health and social-emotional skills.

STEP Starting Towards Excellence in Preschool (STEP) is a state-funded (Virginia Preschool Initiative) program that serves 320, 4-year-old children. The mission of the STEP program is to provide preschool classes for students identified as at-risk within the district with developmentally appropriate academic and social-emotional curricula aligned to state standards. The STEP program also works collaboratively with Early Childhood Special Education to provide Inclusion Classrooms where students with learning differences learn together. 

Preschool Child Find LCPS Preschool Child Find office holds appointments for preschool-age children to review parent concerns, discuss developmental milestones and/or difficulties, and determine whether an educational disability is suspected. If an educational disability is suspected, the special education eligibility process is initiated in which evaluations are conducted and eligibility for special education services is determined. Preschool Child Find staff explain the special education process to parents and educate parents regarding strategies and techniques to promote and encourage early childhood development. The Preschool Child Find team also leads presentations and discussions with the community regarding a variety of early childhood topics. 

Loudoun County Parks and Recreation The Douglass Community Center, which has served the community since 1978, offers a wide variety of activities and programs for all ages, including year-round licensed preschool classes and camps. Follow the Douglass Community Center on Facebook for future announcements and updates. For more information, call the Douglass Community Center at 703-771-5913 or email  

Offices on Campus

Loudoun Douglass High School Alumni Association The Loudoun Douglass High School Alumni Association (LDAA) strives to foster an engaged and passionate community by sharing the rich history of Douglass High School. In addition to preserving the legacy of Douglass High School, they provide financial support via scholarships, to individuals further their education.  The LDAA hopes to continue their mission of telling the Douglass story and its rich history.

Edwin Washington Society The Edwin Washington Society is composed of a history bulletin, several research projects, and its flagship, The Edwin Washington Project (EWP). EWP oversees the curation, preservation, and sharing of an archive of historical records consisting of over 200,000 documents and artifacts covering the history of education in Loudoun County from before the Civil War through 1968 when segregation ended in the County.

NAACP Loudoun Branch will maintain offices on the campus. The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination. Chartered in 1940, the Loudoun Branch of the NAACP is one of the oldest branches of the NAACP in the United States.

Published May 22, 2023