Loudoun County Council PTA Recognizes Winners of Annual Reflections Arts Contest

Loudoun County Council Parent Teacher Association (PTA) recently recognized the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) winners of the county-level Reflections arts contest. Two LCPS students were recognized by the Virginia PTA with an Award of Excellence for their interpretation of this year's theme, “Show Your Voice.”

Artworks were first submitted to school-level PTAs, where they were judged by local artists before advancing to compete in the Loudoun County Council PTA contest. Winners from Loudoun County advanced to compete in the state competition.

The National PTA Reflections program is an arts contest that has engaged more than 10 million students since 1969. Annually, in response to a student-selected theme, students are encouraged to reflect on the theme and submit original works of art in the medium of their choice, including dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. Students participate in the appropriate division for their grade: Primary (Pre-K - Grade 2), Intermediate (Grades 3-5), Middle School (Grades 6-8), High School (Grades 9-12) and Special Artist (open to all grades). 

A slideshow of Loudoun County Council PTA’s winners is available to view

State-Level Winners

Award of Excellence

  • Arth Shome (Sycolin Creek Elementary, Intermediate Film Production)

  • Navya Srivastava (Belmont Station Elementary, Intermediate Literature)


County-Level Winners

Outstanding Interpretation

  • Emma Pope (Belmont Station, Primary (K-2), Literature) 

  • Navya Srivastava (Belmont Station, Intermediate (3-5), Literature)

  • Anika Ganugapeta (Brambleton Middle School, Literature)

  • Ava Robertson (Trailside Middle School, Special Artist)

  • Miraya Gupta (Creighton’s Corner, Intermediate (3-5), Music Composition)

  • Avaline Czeszewski (Brambleton Middle School, Music Composition)  

  • Asher Tirupati (Cedar Lane, Intermediate (3-5), Photography

  • Abhiram Kashyap (Brambleton Middle School, Photography)

  • Keren Binoy (Sanders Corner, Primary (K-2), Visual Arts)

  • Sridha Popuri (Creighton’s Corner, Primary (K-2), Visual Arts)

  • Griffin Vogel (Evergreen Mill, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

  • Avika Kumar (Brambleton Middle School, Visual Arts)

  • Arth Shome (Sycolin Creek Elementary, Intermediate (3-5), Film Production)

  • Sahasra Jampala (Brambleton Middle School, Film Production)

  • Aanya Desai (Cedar Lane Elementary, Intermediate (3-5), Dance)

  • Samara Masson (Trailside Middle School, Dance)


Award Of Excellence

  • Sloane Hetman (Sanders Corner, Primary (K-2), Literature)

  • Vihaan Patel (Creighton’s Corner, Intermediate (3-5), Literature)

  • Emilia Boyer (Sycolin Creek Elementary, Intermediate (3-5), Literature)

  • Lillian Naurock (Creighton’s Corner, Intermediate (3-5), Photography)

  • Madelyn Patrick (Arcola Elementary, Primary (K-2), Visual Arts)

  • Lilith Moore (Sycolin Creek, Primary (K-2), Visual Arts)

  • Alexis Whitworth (Horizon Elementary, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

  • Amalia Gloe (Trailside Middle School, Visual Arts)

  • Hanna Stolle (Hovatter Elementary, Intermediate (3-5), Film Production)

  • Sai Hamsika (Creighton’s Corner, Intermediate (3-5), Dance)

  • Lindsay Brody (Brambleton Middle School, Dance)


Award of Merit

  • Rhodes Hetman (Sanders Corner, Primary (K-2), Literature)

  • Pearson Smith (Evergreen Mill, Intermediate (3-5), Literature)

  • Chayse Daniels (Evergreen Mill, Intermediate (3-5), Music Composition)

  • Sawyer Chaklos (Lucketts Elementary, Primary (K-2), Visual Arts)

  • Brooks Kennedy (Sycolin Creek, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)


School-Level Winners

  • Nora Saenz  (Hovatter Elementary School, Intermediate (3-5), Literature)

  • Lilly Alexander (Evergreen Mill Elementary, Primary (K-2), Literature)

  • Sadie Bauley (Hovatter Elementary School, Primary (K-2), Visual Arts)

  • Kaylee Getson (Liberty Elementary School, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

  • Mohammad Zidan Suhale (Creighton’s Corner, Primary (K-2), Literature)

  • Niranjan Rajasekaran (Creighton’s Corner, Primary (K-2), Dance)

  • Anthony Campbell (Hovatter Elementary School, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

  • Rita Capofari (Frances Hazel Reid Elementary, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

  • Kate Cleavinger (Belmont Station, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

  • Kushal Alle (Creighton’s Corner, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

  • Milo Anderson (Frances Hazel Reid Elementary, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

  • Moukthika Pokkuluri (Cedar Lane Elementary, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

  • Sydney Oliver (Evergreen Mill Elementary, Primary (K-2), Visual Arts)

  • Teagan Shirley (Hovatter Elementary, Primary (K-2), Visual Arts)

  • Trinity Devaraj (Arcola Elementary, Intermediate (3-5), Visual Arts)

Published May 3, 2023