Willard Middle School Principal Rounsley Recognized by the Virginia Department of Education For Dedication to Staff Recruitment and Retention

Willard Middle School Principal Jeff Rounsley has been recognized by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) for his dedication to staff recruitment and retention. Rounsley was nominated by LCPS Chief of Schools Rae Mitchell. In her submission, Mitchell described Rounsley as “strategic in interviewing and intentional about finding candidates that have strengths that benefit and support middle school scholars.” 

When asked about his approach, Rounsley said, ”After every interview of a potential new staff member at Willard Middle School we ask, ‘is this person going to be someone’s favorite teacher?’ As a principal, I am committed to finding and supporting stellar educators dedicated to making a lasting imprint on our scholars and families.”

Rounsley includes new staff in all communication and outreach efforts, even before the school year officially begins. He further creates a welcoming environment by displaying the characteristics of his WILD vision: Wonder, Impact, Lead and Develop. Teachers are also encouraged to develop and implement new ideas that spark innovation and address the critical thinking skills of students. “I am grateful to work alongside so many amazing people who fit this description, and for the recognition of our outstanding team that finds joy in the purposeful work we have the opportunity to engage in each day,” Rounsley remarked.

Rounsley further demonstrates his dedication to new teacher development by pairing them with a mentor and creating an environment that allows for their voices to be represented and acknowledged. His efforts have resulted in a school culture that has teachers wanting to join and remain a part of his WILD vision. If you or someone you know is interested in working for LCPS, please visit the careers website

Published April 27, 2023