Lewis Named 2023 Virginia State Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year from Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals

Janet Lewis, Assistant Principal at Dominion Trail Elementary, received the Virginia State Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year from the Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals (VAESP). She was recognized at a special surprise school assembly by Krista Barton Arnold, Executive Director of VAESP, LCPS Acting Superintendent Daniel Smith and Dominion Trail Principal Jeff Joseph. 

Lewis, who is in her fifteenth year as an assistant principal – ten of those years at Dominion Trail Elementary – represents all of One LCPS’ core values, most importantly putting LCPS students at the center of all that she does. Lewis’ colleagues describe her as compassionate, caring, dependable, kind, thoughtful and supportive. Lewis received many letters of support submitted by her staff at Dominion Trail Elementary and the school division for this recognition, including the following: 

“Janet is an exceptional leader who is well respected by her students, colleagues, parents and the community.”  

“She is fair and knowledgeable … she educates herself and shares her knowledge freely with others. She supports and advocates for her staff and makes her staff feel valued.”

“She knows so much about each student, what sport the student plays, who that student is friends with and where that student lives. I am always moved by the way she also knows the families and how she wants to help the parents/caregivers to be able to better support the child. She truly understands the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of our students. She thinks of the whole child and makes suggestions on how we can foster a more positive learning environment for that student.” 

This VAESP program award promotes educational excellence for pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade schooling and calls attention to the fundamental importance of the assistant principal.

The National Association of Elementary School Principals is committed to preparing assistant principals to step into the principal role. Recognition for the exceptional leadership of those who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of pre-K–8 schools instills pride in their accomplishments and reinforces their leadership in helping children develop a lifelong love of learning.

Published April 25, 2023