Round Hill Elementary School’s For the Love of Reading Family Night: On your bookmark, get set, read!

Smiles, laughter and a love for reading filled the air at Round Hill Elementary School as students, families and the community attended the school's annual For the Love of Reading Family Night on Thursday, February 2, 2023. 


In preparation for the reading event, students were tasked to share or recommend a book they enjoyed and present their endorsement on a display or poster. The evening began in the library with students dressed snuggly in their warmest pajamas showing off their storyboard or display and engaging in literary conversations like discussing similarities and differences between books. With standing-room only, attendee enthusiasm was magical and reminded everyone that the love of reading brings joy to people of all ages. Students and families navigated between the displays, from one presentation to another, while others sat on blankets to engage in their book talks. 


Following the library gathering, families embarked upon three 25-minute read-aloud rotations that spotlighted staff reading their favorite books. Everyone experienced the teacher's excitement and  reading aloud provided students with a shared context from which lively discussions could develop. Encouraging conversations about reading enhances inclusivity and allows students to build communication skills. As with any developing skill, teachers modeled how to scaffold learning by varying their presentations. Families can extend scaffolding at home by providing sentence frames to start the conversation. 


The evening wouldn’t be a Round Hill Elementary School event without Principal Davis sharing his favorite books through song. Students and families enjoyed hearing John Denver's "Grandma's Feather Bed" and "Take Me Home, Country Roads," as well as "Monkey and the Engineer" by Jesse Fuller. 

In Visible Learning for Teachers (2012), John Hattie found that a positive classroom climate was among the more critical factors in promoting learning. In classrooms with a positive environment, students feel more connected to school — they want to be there. They are part of something; they belong. Round Hill Elementary School's positive climate permeates throughout its halls and classrooms. For the Love of Reading Family Night reinforced the library and librarian as an integral part of the school, the community's commitment to encouraging reading, growing students' comprehension and analysis skills, and an inspiring culture of reading that will last far beyond students' time at the school.

Published February 22, 2023