Briar Woods Social and Global Studies Teacher Surprised as the February Year of the Educator Winner

The school day was winding down on Tuesday, Feb. 7 when Dr. Daniel Smith, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) acting superintendent, Sheila Alzate, Briar Woods High School principal, Lettie Kayser of Loudoun Education Foundation (LEF), and several members of the Briar Woods’ leadership team visited Micheal Shenkman’s 12th grade government class to announce that he was the February Year of the Educator prize winner.

After brief introductions, Shenkman and this 3rd-period class learned about the reason for the visit as well as the exciting prizes. Smith explained that this initiative, which was started in September, is a way to thank LCPS staff for all they do for their students and the community. 

Kayser presented Shenkman with a $350 gift certificate for tickets to a Washington Nationals game on a day of his choosing, plus a $250 gift certificate to Costco. Both Smith and Kayser thanked Shenkman for being an LCPS educator. Shenkman shared that he had been teaching for 28 years and “still loved his job.” 

The Year of the Educator is a joint LCPS and LEF initiative that surprises randomly selected school staff with a prize worth more than $500. Each month during the 2022-23 school year, one LCPS teacher or staff member will be selected.

Published February 9, 2023