Loudoun County School Board Adopts the FY 24 Budget

The Loudoun County School Board (LCSB) adopted the FY24 Budget during the Operating Budget Adoption and Public Hearing on Thursday, February 2, 2023 at the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Administrative Offices in Ashburn. Ten community members provided comment, six in-person and four virtually, for the Board to consider as they tackled the over $1.6B operating fund.


The session was made even more challenging due to the recent announcement of a miscalculation from the State of Virginia regarding revenue sharing with school districts. LCPS Chief Financial Officer Sharon Willoughby advised that the error is estimated to decrease funds for LCPS by $3.5M this current fiscal year and $7.4M in fiscal year 2024. “Based on this news and the fact that there are several Senate and House budget amendments and bills still active that could impact our expenditure requirements and revenue streams, staff’s recommendation is to adopt the FY24 budget on known, complete information,” Willoughby stated. “Once the state budget is complete, we can determine final impacts to LCPS and bring forward any additional recommended adjustments to the budget.”


The School Board increased the Superintendent’s FY24 Estimate of Needs of $1,667,775,795 by $456,213. This resulted in a School Board Adopted FY24 Budget of $1,668,232,008. The county local transfer was increased by $1,406,213 from the Superintendent’s FY24 Estimate of Needs. The local transfer for the School Board Adopted FY24 Budget would be $1,143,014,205.


The budget was approved 6-2-1 with Beatty and Polifko opposed and Corbo absent for the vote. The final budget includes a net gain of 3 full-time employees.


The changes from the Superintendent’s FY24 Estimate of Needs were the result of adopted motions by the School Board. These motions included:


  • Based on a staff recommendation, the Board amended the budget to reduce the funding for two pre-staffed custodians for a savings of $53,569. The personnel will be hired later than originally expected thereby providing the cost savings.

  • Staff also suggested an adjustment to align with Policy 2150, School Board Compensation, adding $32,598. This is required by Virginia Code to take effect in January following an election year.

  • The addition of four math resource specialists to initiate a math intervention pilot across five elementary schools at a cost of $495,564. The budget originally called for one position with partial salary funding from the Commonwealth.

  • Eliminating the athletic fees for a revenue reduction of $950,000.

  • Removing the Human Resources and Talent Development representative for cocurricular support resulting in personnel savings of $148,380.

  • Adding $130,000 to fund costs associated with year one of a comprehensive violence prevention program through an expanded partnership with LAWS Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services.

The School Board’s Adopted Fiscal Year 2024 Budget will now be considered by the Board of Supervisors starting with a Joint Work Session on Monday, February 6, 2023 at 5 p.m. at the LCPS Administration Building 21000 Education Court, Board Room Ashburn, VA 20148.

Published February 3, 2023

Updated February 6, 2023