Free Online Resources Provide Strategies for Addressing Mental Health Concerns

LCPS has partnered with the Cook Center for Human Connection to provide parents and caregivers with trusted resources to help address mental health questions and provide tools to further efforts in eradicating suicide. These free online resources – and My Life is Worth Living – feature videos to assist parents and caregivers in developing strategies to support their children’s mental health. offers strategies for parents and caregivers to address a range of issues that face children and youth. Backed by therapists,

provides specialized courses and professional support. This resource is easy to access and allows parents and caregivers to explore it at their own pace. Unlike other online resources, this information is tailored for children and young adults.  

After accessing the site, users are advised to click the “Courses” link in the top navigation bar. This link leads the user to a library of videos on topics ranging from addressing feelings of anxiety and anger to examining the impact of digital media to coping with grief and many more. All the resources under the Courses tab are free but users are required to create a log-in. Some of the other resources available through are available for a fee.   

My Life Is Worth Living ( is an animated series focusing on teen mental health and suicide prevention. The series follows a diverse group of characters and tells their stories over the course of 20 episodes. The characters experience struggles that many young people face, including bullying, substance use, trauma, and abuse. Parents are encouraged to watch the videos with their teen or on their own and use the topics to initiate or deepen conversations about mental health. Like, the videos on the My Life Is Worth Living are free.

Parents and caregivers are invited to explore these two websites. Links to both sites can also be found on the LCPS homepage. Please contact Jennifer Evans, LCPS’ Director of Student Mental Health Services, if you have any questions about these resources.

Published November 28, 2022