School Board Agenda August 9


The Loudoun County School Board will hold a meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday, August 9, in the School Board Meeting Room at the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Administrative Offices, 21000 Education Court in Ashburn.


The full meeting agenda is available on the LCPS website. The School Board will accept in-person, virtual and written comments for this meeting. For more information and to learn how to sign up to speak at meetings of the School Board or its committees, please visit the. Citizen Participation webpage


The procedures for commenting to the School Board are as follows: Sign-up for public comment will close at noon on Tuesday, August 9. For those who have not pre-registered, walk-up registrations for in-person public comment will be accepted at the front of the LCPS Administrative Offices from 3 to 3:30 p.m. Walk-up speakers will be added to the end of the in-person comment list.


Telephone registration for in-person public comment will open at 8 a.m. Monday, August 8, and close at noon Tuesday, August 9. Telephone registration will be accepted at 571-252-1030. The list of pre-registered speakers and the time allotted by the chair for speaking at the meeting will be posted on the front windows at the west entrance to the Administrative Offices and on the school division’s website approximately an hour before the start of the meeting. 


Members of the public will be allowed to view public comments and the full meeting in the School Board Meeting Room. The public will be admitted through the west entrance of the Administrative Offices.


Members of the public eligible to address the School Board include residents of Loudoun County (including incorporated towns within); businesses located in whole or in part in Loudoun County; Loudoun County taxpayers; current or former LCPS students; parents and guardians of LCPS students that live outside of Loudoun County; LCPS employees and retirees; or representatives of organizations serving LCPS employees and students.


The following safety protocols are in effect for those entering the Administrative Offices to attend School Board meetings:

  • All persons and items entering the building are subject to search.

  • The following items will not be allowed inside the LCPS Administrative Offices: bags and purses, backpacks, food, sticks or rods of any kind, aerosols, noise-making devices, voice-enhancement devices, mace, pepper spray, weapons of any kind.


The board will consider three action items during this meeting: Contract Award for IFB #22-504, MS-14 Construction; Agricultural Education and Gardening Programs at LCPS and Request for Item Addition to Workplan; and the International Baccalaureate Program.


The agenda contains 11 information items:

  • School Board Calendar for the Development of FY24 Operating Budget

  • FY24 Preliminary Fiscal Outlook

  • Revision of Policy 6210, Student Transportation

  • Policy 8220, Student Disciplinary Consequences

  • Policy 8240, Alcohol, Drug, Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes

  • Policy 8540, Questionnaires and Surveys (formerly Policy 8-63)

  • DOI Library Book Selection Process

  • Culturally Inclusive School Meals

  • Attendance Awareness Month Proclamation

  • Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Proclamation

  • Superintendent's Operational Update


The meeting will be live-streamed on and televised on Comcast channel 18 and Verizon FIOS channel 43.


Published August 5, 2022