LCPS Streamlines Elementary Summer School


This year, students who are taking part in summer classes are attending their usual, regularly assigned elementary school. In years past, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has run six elementary summer school sites at Title I schools and six regional sites. Shontel Simon, Executive Principal, Elementary level, saw the benefit of having students take summer classes at their school the usually attend when she served as a principal at Forest Grove Elementary, where she oversaw a Title I site. At her suggestion, the Elementary Education staff met with a focus group of principals to test the idea of sending students to their regularly assigned schools, or home schools, and it was received with enthusiasm.

The benefits of summer school at a student’s home school site include:

  • Less transportation time and expense. Under the old system, students had to report to their home school, then be bused to a regional center.
  • Familiarity with the staff. Summer school students study with a teacher who probably knows them or a member of their family. In some cases, students are working with teachers who will instruct them during the coming school year or who have taught them in the past.
  • Teacher productivity in a familiar workspace. “They feel comfortable,” said Executive Principal, Elementary Teri Finn, who oversees the summer school program. “They get to use their own room, their own supplies.”

Summer school runs from July 5 to July 29 – 19 days of instruction for four hours per day – 8 a.m. until noon. LCPS School Nutrition Services is providing a “brunch bag” for every student every day free-of-charge.

Summer school is designed to help students needing remediation in reading and math. The goal of summer school is to get students ready for the next grade.

A lead teacher has been assigned to each school to take care of the logistics related to instruction so that teachers can concentrate on content.

The only exceptions to students attending summer school at their regularly assigned school are the seven elementary schools undergoing summer renovations. Students from those schools are bused from their home school to the nearest elementary school.    

Finn, Simon, Elementary Education Director Elaine Layman and Intern Michelle Allo visited all the summer school sites during the first week of classes. They wanted to see if anything was needed by students and staff and get feedback so that they can make improvements for next year. 

Published July 21, 2022