LCPS Message on Shooting at Robb Elementary in Texas


To the Loudoun County Public Schools Community and Staff,


Like you, I am shocked and deeply saddened by the news of the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas. 


School should, and must, be a place where students and staff feel safe and secure. Although there is no connection between Loudoun County and the Robb tragedy, and no known threats to LCPS, as an added precaution, we have enhanced the security presence at schools today to augment the security measures we have in place every day. Our law enforcement partners will also have extra personnel checking on school campuses. This increased presence is being conducted in an abundance of caution over the next several days.


We know that students will process this news in different ways. Counselors and other members of our Unified Mental Health Teams are available at each of our school buildings to assist students and staff who may need some extra support. Families may wish to visit the LCPS webpage for Crisis Intervention information where they will find helpful resources to support their students, including Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and Caregiver Training for Supporting Children Following a Crisis, narrated by LCPS Psychologist Benjamin Fernandez.


On a personal note: As a fellow LCPS parent and a school division employee, the safety of our students and staff is my highest priority as your superintendent. As a former police chaplain, I know the devastation violence inflicts upon a community.


I join with the School Board in condemning the violence that plagues our society and in assuring the public that LCPS and its law enforcement partners will do everything in our power to keep our students and staff safe.



Dr. Scott Ziegler



Information from the LCPS Safety and Security Department


We would like to highlight what Loudoun County Public Schools is doing to safeguard your children.


There is nothing more important than the safety of our students and staff. LCPS and its Division of Safety and Security, in conjunction with law enforcement and public safety partners, have created a comprehensive safety and security plan to protect students, staff and visitors. This plan is equipped with multiple layers of redundancy, some visible and some not, to help ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone.  


We would never want to publicly discuss all aspects of our security plan but we do want to let you know of the following protocols that are in place to protect your children and our staff on a daily basis:

  • The outer perimeters of our schools, as well as our school grounds, are routinely patrolled by law enforcement and LCPS Safety and Security.
  • All doors to schools are locked and secured.
  • Visitors attempting to enter our facilities must comply with access control protocols that require thorough vetting.
  • Our facilities use enhanced security technology to control access, monitor visitors, and prevent fire and life safety issues.
  • All staff members are trained in how to respond to violent intruders.
  • Security is monitored 24/7 through our Security Operations Center.


In addition, School Resource Officers, who are sworn law enforcement officers, and School Security Officers, who are LCPS employees, support the security requirements of our schools. These officers help cultivate an inclusive and safe environment where students feel comfortable reporting concerning behavior. Every school also has a multidisciplinary threat assessment team that evaluates all potential threats, as well as school-specific emergency response plans that are consistently tested through training, exercises, and drills.


See Something Say Something is a critical component of security in LCPS. This requires a commitment from everyone in our community to report suspicious or concerning information. While something may seem insignificant on the surface, when reported and pieced together with other information it may save lives. Concerning information can be reported in three ways.

  1. Directly to the school principal
  2. Directly to law enforcement via 911 or 703-777-1021
  3. To the Safe2Talk anonymous tip app that can be downloaded to any mobile device 


LCPS is constantly re-assessing our security plan, incorporating national best practices, and modernizing technology to strengthen our capabilities. 


Please know that LCPS is committed to protecting our students, staff, and visitors.


Thank you and please remember: If you see something, say something. 

Published May 25, 2022