LCPS Students Across the Division Welcome Baby Chicks


Loudoun County Public Schools, in partnership with the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office, embarked on a three-week Embryology project. Students in 25 schools throughout the division used egg incubators with the goal of successfully incubating avian embryos through the hatching process.  

The Embryology project is a fun, educational tool that coincides with the Virginia Standards of Learning criteria. The science example SOL matches science investigation, reasoning, and logic for all levels; and living processes for a variety of grades. This project can teach basic biology and life science to students, as the young people eagerly look forward to hatching chicks. 

LCPS teachers and staff picked up eggs on April 19 and began incubating them immediately. Chicks began hatching on May 10th. Students learned about the need for a proper environment, proper nutrition and protection needed during the chicks’ stay in LCPS schools. The chicks were then taken to local farms.

Fertilized eggs and instructional materials are provided from 4-H and the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office; the LCPS Science Office covers the cost of the program.

Published May 17, 2022