Elementary Students Take LEGO Bricks to New Level


At LCPS, LEGO bricks are more than just building blocks for fun creations. Thanks to the LEGO Spike, Prime and Essentials kits distributed by the Computer Science department to all elementary schools in the division, students have been able to get even more creative.


Each LEGO kit comes with pieces, LEGO people, motors, build guides and curricula which help instructional facilitators and teachers integrate the kits into their lessons. The LEGO kits allow students to build with the bricks, a favorite pastime, while learning about coding, algorithmic processes and equations. 


“We want to heighten engagement in the classroom,” said Nick Grzeda, Computer Science Supervisor. “Integration of the kits into lessons is important. It helps us meet teachers where they are and gives students the chance to build models, code and connect with the curriculum.”


Earlier in the school year, the LCPS Computer Science department held a training for more than 75 Instructional Facilitators to learn about integrating the kits into classroom lessons. Staff were able to experiment with the kits themselves. 

Students have recreated the Town of Purcellville and taken virtual tours of the town, built Macy’s Day Parade floats based on historical events in Virginia and even created story maps so they could travel back through time. Stay tuned as students continue to build their way through the school year!





Published January 28, 2022