Mill Run Takes the Cake


There was only one rule in the cake war fought by the staff of Mill Run Elementary on Thursday, December 9: Have fun.

Principal John Cornely’s staff broke into teams to decorate a “smash cake” (the small cakes given to 1-year-olds on their birthday to, well, smash) with seven items. The seven items could be grabbed from tables at the front of the room. In addition, team members could use items from their classrooms to decorate the small cakes. (Hint, it’s good to have the art teacher or a kindergarten teacher on your team, since they have neat stuff in their classroom and are very creative.)  

The team names reflected the holiday season with two – the McCallisters and Wet Bandits – paying homage to the classic film “Home Alone.”

One team, Deez Baubles, took the concept of “smash cake” to heart, smashing the mushy pastry and forming it into balls, which were used to create holiday “baubles.”

After 20 minutes, the teams brought their creations forward to be judged by a team of “experts,” including two fifth-graders. Entries included Santa taking a nap under a red-frosting blanket, a “Home Alone” scene featuring running water made out of icing, an igloo with a sledding snowman and a tasteful silver-and-gold star creation.

“Cole and the Gang” were declared the winners after producing a complex diorama featuring a glowing purple Christmas tree. Cornely presented members of the winning team with “fabulous prizes,” passes for a free lunch and hairnets.  





Published December 27, 2021