Update on LCPS COVID Dashboard


Since implementing the COVID dashboard on August 31, LCPS has received a number of questions from parents about the reporting process the dashboard represents.


There are several things to remember about our data reporting. First, families of students who are close contacts of students or staff who test positive are individually contacted by school administrators as soon as a positive case is reported and close contacts of that case are identified. This communication takes time because it is handled on an individual basis, not through mass notification systems. Administrators take their time with families, answering their specific questions about their child’s attendance record and distance learning during the quarantine period.


Secondly, know that the LCPS dashboard represents every case reported to us. The safety of our students and staff is our top priority, and the only way to ensure this is transparency in reporting information to our community.


Next, families must understand that the data reported on the dashboard is NOT reported in real time. The dashboard is updated once daily, Monday through Friday, by 10 a.m. The dashboard updates occur through an automated process and are based on the information reported in the 24-hour period preceding the update. There have been some minor glitches in reporting as the automated process has been implemented. LCPS continues to address these glitches with fixes to provide accurate daily updates.


As with anything that concerns people, the data is changeable. Sometimes, a school reports a positive case prematurely, which is then corrected when a negative PCR test is received. Sometimes a student is reported as a close contact because of where he/she sits on the bus, but administration later learns that the student in that seat did not ride the bus on the day of the exposure. Sometimes community members have talked about a suspected case or contacts, but confirmation and close contact tracing is still underway. There are many scenarios like these that play out across the division each day, and we strive to correct numbers to reflect our best understanding of the situation.


Thank you for your efforts to keep our students and staff healthy.





Published September 28, 2021