LCPS Vaccination POD Closes After More Than 21,000 Shots


Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) closed its Point of Distribution (POD) for COVID-19 vaccination at Brambleton Middle School on Friday, March 5, after successfully delivering more than 21,000 shots.


The POD, which first opened on January 15, delivered both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines during a seven-week period through a partnership with the Loudoun County Health Department and the County Office of Emergency Management. The operations of the LCPS Vaccination POD have moved from Brambleton Middle School to the County of Loudoun POD located at the Dulles Town Center Mall.


LCPS Director of Management and Coordination Brian Stocks, who oversaw the daily operation of the Brambleton POD, reflected on the work done there. “The COVID-19 pandemic is an historical event and, hopefully, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Setting up, managing and working within the LCPS vaccination POD is an experience that I will never forget and will forever be a part of history. We distributed more than 21,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccination and were able to fully vaccinate more than 10,000 LCPS staff in 27 days over seven weeks. Everyone involved should be very proud of the POD’s operation and their efforts in contribution to ending the pandemic.”


Some statistics from the Brambleton POD:

  • Number of first vaccinations given: 11,067
  • Number of second vaccinations given: 10,276
  • Average daily number of vaccinations given: 790 per day
  • The highest daily total of vaccinations given: 1,273 on February 17 in anticipation of inclement weather the following day.  
  • Number of staff/hours worked by employees of the Department of Pupil Services: An average of 55 workers per day working 9.5 hours per day.
  • Number of staff/hours worked for employees of the Department of Support Services: An average of 15 workers per day working 9.5 hours per day.
  • Number of staff/hours worked for employees of the Department of Digital Innovation: An average of three to five workers per day working 9.5 hours per day.
  • Altogether 75 LCPS staff members worked 3,861 hours to keep the POD running smoothly. 

“This was a total team effort,” said Stocks. “The collaboration was amazing. It wouldn’t have been possible without everyone involved taking their role in the operation very seriously and coming to work every day with a ‘can do’ attitude. The school hosting us was amazing. Principal Renee Dawson and Assistant Principal Rob Rimmel at Brambleton Middle School were absolutely great to work with and their entire school staff and custodial team provided much needed support throughout the duration of the POD’s operation.”  


LCPS Director of Student Services Dr. Clark Bowers praised the work of the Student Health Services team for keeping the POD running smoothly.


“Supervisor Jeannie Kloman, specialist Kelly Thomas and nurses Renee Petit and Stacy Barber  were the heart of the POD. Without their leadership spirit and dedication to serving every LCPS employee that visited, the process would not have been as efficient nor successful. They are truly dedicated in their profession and an asset to LCPS. It was an honor working alongside them and watching them be awesome every day.”


“I really enjoyed working daily with Jeannie Kloman,” said LCPS Director of Digital Experience Justin Donovan. “Her passion and commitment to the staff of LCPS is beyond measure. I remember our morning pep talks where she was purely focused on her staff and making sure that they felt appreciated. Her level of caring was absolutely instrumental in creating the positive vibes and loving atmosphere so many staff wrote about when they left the Brambleton POD.”


Bowers said Donovan and Kevin Brooks, the supervisor of the Department of Digital Innovation’s Office of Communications Engineering, deserve praise for managing the incredibly complex task of building a scheduling program in a matter of days. “Without their full support – over weekends and holidays – this initiative would have barely made it off the ground. They were outstanding.” 


“I feel so proud to have played a small part in one of the most important steps LCPS has taken to mitigate COVID-19,” said Donovan. “This effort happened so fast that I do not think I ever had time to consider the impacts we would make or the amount of effort it would take; however, I would not have changed anything. I have made so many new friends, learned so many new skills and feel so warm in my heart that everything we sacrificed was worth it. This effort was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to create something none of us had ever done before and ended up making a truly positive impact on the LCPS staff and community as a whole.” 





Published March 9, 2021