Scholastic Magazines Honors Bellen Woodard


Bellen Woodard, a fifth-grader at Evergreen Mill Elementary, has been named as one of the “12 most inspirational kids we met in 2020!” by the editors of Scholastic Classroom Magazines.


Scholastic honored Bellen for Changing the world, one crayon at a time.” 


Bellen created the More than Peach Project ™️.  As the “World’s First Crayon Activist,” Bellen has spread awareness far and wide about the recognition of “more than peach” crayons as skin-tone crayons and the need to dignify the skin tones and differences of all people. She has formed her own nationally recognized nonprofit organization to advance her mission to promote the empathy, leadership and the creativity of all students, creating her very own More than Peach™️ crayons to advance her efforts. Since the start of her initiative, Bellen has donated over $40,000 in multicultural crayons and other resources to schools across the country.  


The More than Peach Project is described in Scholastic News Edition 4.





Published December 29, 2020