Stone Bridge High School Excellence Honorees


Being among the top 5 percent of academic achievers in Loudoun County Public Schools’ senior class is an accomplishment worth celebrating. In lieu of the Loudoun Education Foundation’s annual Excellence in Education Banquet, LCPS is celebrating the members of the Class of 2021 who achieved this distinction here, and through school-based celebrations later in the school year.


The Stone Bridge High School seniors listed below were to have been honored at the 38th Annual Excellence in Education Banquet on December 6. LCPS and the Loudoun Education Foundation want to make sure the community recognizes these students’ academic accomplishments. 


The Loudoun high school seniors honored at the Excellence in Education Banquet are those in the Class of 2021 from the LCPS’ 16 high schools with a graduating class and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology who have ranked in the top 5 percent of their class academically during the first three years of their high school career.  Students also are recognized for their selection as a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist or National Hispanic Recognition Scholar.


The honored students from Stone Bridge High School include:


Allison L. Awtry

Brendan E. Baron

Yiyang Chen

Mitchell H. Cheng

Elizabeth A. DeProspo*

Vy X. Dinh

Elliott M.Druga*

Anna H. Ferrin

Renatta A. Eizaguirre

Connor A. Greenwell

Philip Haugh*

Hannah J. Hejazi

Ellen Hong

Hyeyun Jeong

Rebecca M. Jun

Veronica L. Kidwell

John M. McGarrity

Sarah C. Michelitch

Erin E. Mills

Celeste A. Nathan

Ellie O. Nystrom

Courtney E. Partner

Ian S. Roeder

Shreya V. Somayajula

Samyukhtha Venkateswaran

Thomas J. Santoro

Madeleine R. Walker


*National Merit Scholarship semifinalist





Published December 21, 2020