Superintendent's Update on Continuity of Education

Dear LCPS Families and Staff:

I am writing with additional information pertaining to our work to provide continuity of education for our students.

I have attached additional responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs). These will be posted in the FAQ section of the division’s COVID-19 Preparedness web page tomorrow. A Spanish translation will also be available. Here are the questions addressed by the new FAQ responses.


  • What type of learning resources are available for parents and students prior to March 30?
  • By what date will my child’s teacher(s) start providing learning opportunities specifically for my child and my child’s classmates?
  • Starting March 30, how will my child’s teacher(s) provide learning opportunities? Will the opportunities be digital or non-digital? 
  • What is the focus of the learning opportunities that my child’s teacher(s) will start providing March 30?
  • How and how often will teachers communicate with my child and me starting March 30?
  • Approximately how much time should I expect my child to spend on the learning opportunities provided by my child(s) teachers starting March 30?
  • Will teachers provide grades or other feedback regarding student work? Why or Why not?
  • What steps are being taken by the Virginia Department of Education to support seniors graduating?
  • How will LCPS celebrate the strengths, talents, and accomplishments of the Class of 2020?
  • My child does not have access to a laptop or other device with internet connectivity. Is there a way for my child to gain access to a laptop or other device with internet connectivity?


I want to express my appreciation again for your continued support and flexibility. Thank you.



Eric Williams, Ed.D.