LCPS Provides Online Learning Training for Teachers


Yesterday Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) 10,000-plus teachers took part in virtual training to learn more about how to deliver online instruction.


The instructional facilitator for technology (IFT) at each of LCPS’ 94 schools presented the session to teachers. To adhere with the latest public-health guidance for limiting the size of meetings and practicing social distancing, teachers participated in the training online from remote locations.


LCPS is providing continuity of education through the development of learning experiences that are consistent with the curriculum. The current emphasis in these experiences is on providing families with resources through the LCPS Continuity of Education Website that they can use with students to reinforce skills and knowledge that have been previously taught.


Teachers yesterday were asked to familiarize themselves with digital tools that can be used to deliver instruction, consider how those tools can support student learning, and develop their understanding of new distance-learning lesson plan formats. Digital distance learning would involve students engaged in learning experiences made available through Google Classroom. Parents would continue to have access through ParentVue to monitor activity and access documents.


Between now and March 27, teachers, as necessary, will continue to familiarize themselves with the tools that are available to support distance learning, and promote the resources that are available through the Continuity of Education website. More systemic digital learning experiences are anticipated to be available starting March 30.


Non-digital distance learning opportunities also are being developed.


Regardless of whether learning at home can be used to fulfill state requirements, LCPS is working to be prepared to provide opportunities to support students’ continued learning during an extended school closure.


At Belmont Ridge Middle School, Principal Katie Johnson and her administrative team hosted a virtual staff meeting with Johnson and her administrators – practicing social distancing – broadcasting from the media center.


Before introducing IFT Steve Norman, Johnson asked her teachers to email each of their students in an exercise in developmental responsiveness. “This is a stressful time for us as adults. But for the students – at their  evelopmental stage – it is much more stressful for them.”


Johnson also spoke about the need for staff to reflect on the equity of resources available to students when planning online instruction.


Assistant Principals David McKenzie and Michael Surma and Dean Michael Skinner also took part in Belmont Ridge’s virtual staff meeting from the media center.


The Virginia Department of Education has not yet given written guidance about COVID-19 related distance learning experiences (digital and non-digital). Such guidance is anticipated, and LCPS is in regular contact with VDOE to ensure we have the latest information. As guidance from VDOE rapidly evolves, LCPS will continue to assess the possibility of teachers engaging students in learning new knowledge and skills.