Harnessing Data

Our mission is to provide data that is trusted, understood, and accurate and used in a meaningful, secure and consistent manner. This supports decision making by using data to question assumptions and think deeply.


qlik app gallery

LCPS uses Qlik, an analytics platform that allows school and central office users to view data from various systems, gain insights, and identify opportunities. Examples of data sources that Qlik can leverage include financial analytics, hiring and staffing, inventory of products in schools, academic achievement, special education distribution, equity indicators, and more.


Since the initial implementation of this analytics platform we have published close to 30 applications, we have 15 application developers representing every department in the school division. Our intake process for future application development is driven by the strategic plan, external partners and stakeholders such as the US Department of Education, Virginia Department of Education, families, school needs, and researchers.


With the implementation of this platform, DDI has developed a Data Governance framework to support the management of data availability, understanding, integrity, and security in LCPS.

Qlik Development Roadmap

  • Phase 1 (2018-2019): Deliver internal data analytics solutions to school leaders and cabinet
  • Phase 2 (2019-2020): Deliver public-facing solutions through the lcps.org website that replace existing public data sets
  • Phase 3 (2020-2021): Deliver analytics dashboards to teachers

 evolution of Qlik

LCPS is currently in the crawl and walk phase. As we move through phases of evolution, we continue to add to our userbase growing data literacy across LCPS.  The level of sophistication from analysis to synthesis continues to improve as we move toward the run and fly phases.